Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Paul Mengert’s AMG Marks 35 years

Association Management Group and CEO Paul Mengert mark 35 of successful service to North Carolina and South Carolina in 2020. Since its 1985 founding in Greensboro, North Carolina, AMG today has grown to become the Carolinas’ leading property management company with multiple office locations throughout the two states. AMG’s fields of diverse team of accountants, event planners, human resources executives, landscape and maintenance professionals, governance gurus and communications experts. They work together to deliver outstanding management and create value for client communities. Among those clients are more than 300 condominiums, townhomes and planned unit developments with 30,000 property owners and residents. AMG offers superior customer service as well as consistently higher quality HOA solutions and condo property management to its residential locations in addition to unique, proprietary systems and sound technology platforms. Paul Mengert and AMG are proud of their 35 years of service to communities in Carolinas and look forward to many more years into the future.

Friday, 20 April 2018

The Community Vision of Paul Mengert, AMG CEO

Paul Mengert, AMG’s Chief Executive Officer can point to a life in service to his community, especially when it comes to education. He majored in Political Science and Communications at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro many years ago, and proceeded to devote much of his life and career to education and training. Dozens of local companies have sent executives to the Management Development Program for the Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Charlotte, North Carolina, for which he teaches classes.

Among the companies who have gotten help from Paul Mengert include huge organizations like Microsoft and Pfizer, and his own Association Management Group. Paul Mengert's devotion to education and training is very strong. He has been on the national senior faculty for the Community Associations Institute for years and he still teaches classes about homeowner's associations that are used as continuing education credits by many diverse groups, including the South Carolina Department of Real Estate, the North Carolina Board of Realtors, and many others.

A major focus for Paul Mengert and AMG is to improve homeowners’ association management by providing the best possible training, in the form of a truncated version of a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program. The classes in the program are taught by Harvard Business School alumni who just happen to live in the Greensboro, North Carolina area. His choice of Greensboro as the company’s base represents Paul Mengert’s commitment to the community where Paul Mengert was born and raised. He plans to spend his entire life trying to improve his community because that is what fortunate businessmen should always do, to the extent possible.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Paul Mengert, AMG Executive, Shares Expertise

Paul Mengert AMG
Founder and CEO of Association Management Group (AMG), Paul Mengert has accumulated a great deal of knowledge and expertise over 35 years running a leading property management company serving community associations in North and South Carolina. AMG has a proven track record of creating value for client communities through its outstanding service. Mengert shares that expertise with his AMG team through a comprehensive internal training program that covers a wide range of topics.

Mengert also is part of the national senior faculty for the Community Associations Institute (CAI) teaching classes on homeowner's association management and administration. These classes are used as continuing education credits by many diverse groups, including the South Carolina Department of Real Estate, the North Carolina Board of Realtors, the California Department of Real Estate, the Florida Bureau of Condominiums, and the Georgia Department of Real Estate.

Organizations trust Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, to impart his wisdom in these classes because he is seen as a successful expert and authority on best practices in association management techniques.

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Friday, 25 August 2017

Transitioning to Paul Mengert’s Association Management Group (AMG)

Paul Mengert AMG
In founding Association Management Group, Paul Mengert pulled together a team of experts in administration, fiscal management and facility maintenance. He describes his team as part teacher, part cheerleader, part technology geek and all savvy business guide. Together the  team delivers a consistently higher quality of service, he says, because of their expertise and AMG’s unique and proprietary management systems and streamlined processes. 

Any community association thinking of transitioning to a new community management company has concerns about the process. AMG’s professional and skilled team is experienced in such transitions, ensuring it will be handled smoothly. Mengert and AMG designed a specialized transition team that consists of a conversion manager, accounting manager and efficient support staff that together make the process as painless as possible. When it comes to making your business more efficient, Paul Mengert  is an expert and his team at Association Management Group is ready to take on your association’s needs.

Sunday, 30 April 2017

Paul Mengert, Association Management Group, Makes Community Better

Paul Mengert, CEO of Association Management Group (AMG), embraces the opportunity to give back. He participates in number of valuable programs that assist the underserved living in the Greater Greensboro area, where AMG is headquartered. AMG team members engage in community service projects, and the company helps fundraise and donates to a number of local non-profits like: A Child’s Place, Catherine’s House, Buddy Kemp Caring House, Habitat for Humanity, Greensboro Family Services, Charlotte Rescue Mission and more.

Mengert also extends his charity beyond his Carolina roots. As a commercial pilot, for a dozen years Mengert pilots flights for Angel Flight Soars, a charity that arranges free air transportation for people who need to travel to receive lifesaving medical treatment. Mengert and his wife, May Gayle, also regularly fly to Haiti to deliver goods, toys, bedding and more to an orphanage in one of the poorest countries in the world.

As a commercial pilot, Paul Mengert brings his flying experience and his business savvy to his role on the Board of Directors of the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority, which owns and manages the Greensboro’s Piedmont International Airport. In April 2020, Mengert was named chair of the PTI Airport Authority Board. Previously he served as Treasurer.  He also serves on the boards of other local businesses and charitable organizations. These a just of the ways Paul Mengert gives back in every way he can.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Paul Mengert – The Man Behind the Business

Business leader, mentor, philanthropist, fundraiser, innovator, pilot. These words are apt descriptors for Paul Mengert, founder and CEO of Association Management Group (AMG), in Greensboro, North Carolina. He has made a name for himself in the community associations management industry and in the Carolinas where he operates AMG. He is well known for all of these characteristics, not only in the business world but in his personal life as well.

Headquartered in Greensboro, AMG has offices in North and South Carolina. Mengert’s organization serves homeowner associations, condominium associations, planned unit developments and common interest office communities. More than 30,000 property owners and community residents are currently the focus of AMG’s mission to combine unparalleled expertise with outstanding property management service to create value for client communities. The team’s focus is reflected in consistently high customer satisfaction scores of 98% among clients.

Mengert has built upon his career and business success to reach out and give back to his local community and beyond. Mengert and AMG support a number of local charitable and non-profit organizations bringing services to the underserved in the Carolinas. He also volunteers his time and business savvy through service on Boards of Directors for local businesses and non-profits. He recently joined the board of Carolina State Bank, based in Greensboro and a division of Blue Ridge Bank.

He also brings his pilot experience and business expertise to his latest role as Chairman of the of Board of Directors of the Piedmont Triad Airport Authority, which owns, operates and manages the Piedmont Triad International Airport. Mengert has been on the board since 2012 and most recently served as Treasurer.

AMG, following Mengert’s lead, is known for a culture of giving. With Mengert’s support, AMG boasts 100% staff participation in service activities, through contributions of time, talent and money.

Sunday, 20 November 2016

Why Paul Mengert, AMG CEO, Strongly Favors Education and Training

Community is certainly important to Paul Mengert, founder and CEO of AMG (Association Management Group). Mengert and his company contribute in many ways to the surrounding community of Greensboro, North Carolina, where AMG is headquartered. Education is obviously another priority for Mengert, as AMG chief executive officer. After all, education is a core concept for his firm. When you look at his background, education was always important. He didn’t stop learning after earning his bachelor’s degree. With a focus on his chosen career, Mengert became certified as a Professional Community Association Manager (PCAM) from the Community Associations Institute (CAI), the leading provider of resources and information for homeowners, volunteer board leaders, professional managers, and business professionals.

Yet this wasn't enough. Paul Mengert went on to complete one of Harvard Business School’s renowned Executive Education programs in 2005. The Owner/President Management Program (OPM), which spans two years, examines a broad range of topics to assist executives in strengthening business fundamentals while mastering other leadership strategies. Mengert also shares his experience and expertise as a national senior faculty member for CAI

Community and education are both important to Paul Mengert and AMG. In fact, AMG
recognizes that successful community leaders must couple skills and information with their passion to serve their community, and well-informed executive Board members make better community leaders. To assist, AMG regularly offers in person and webinar seminars for their clients. Regular topics include understanding governing documents, leaders’ roles and responsibilities, community communication, meetings and volunteerism.

For more information on AMG, please visit https://www.amgworld.com/